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Drs. Diana Singh and Julie Gouweloos celebrate by drinking from the graduates cup at at the Phoenix Pub.

New Sociology PhDs: Diana Singh and Julie Gouweloos

Congratulations to our two new McMaster Sociology PhDs, Dr. Diana Singh and Dr. Julie Gouweloos, who will receive their doctoral hoods at the McMaster Social Sciences convocation on June 12.

May 29, 2019

Dr. Singh’s thesis, “Emotional Labor from an Occupational Lens,” uses quantitative analysis to analyze the mental health impact of emotional labour on workers, using gender and racial lenses. Dr. Gouweloos’s thesis, “Staging Opposition: Performance and Power in the LGBTQ2+ Movement,” uses qualitative analysis of queer drag and cabaret performances to examine the intersectional prefigurative politics of marginalized segments of the LGBTQ2+ movement.