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Featured Ph.D. Graduate Alan Santinele-Martino. Congratulations!

Dr. Santinele-Martino graduated November 19, 2020. His research focused on the romantic and sexual lives of adults with intellectual disability in Ontario.

Nov 20, 2020

Title of Dissertation: The Romantic and Sexual Lives of Adults with Intellectual Disability in Ontario, Canada. Defended thesis: October 8, 2020
Current Work: I am currently working full-time as a Knowledge Broker at the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction in Ottawa

Anything else you would be willing to share!
In my project, I got to interview 46 adults with intellectual disability around the province and, in essence, learned that people still encounter significant challenges in maintaining a romantic and sexual life. Most significantly, I found such a tremendous level of infantilization in which many were actively encouraged to postpone having a romantic relationship until their 40s and 50s.