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Sociology of Race and Ethnicity

This course will investigate some of the central theoretical and methodological debates in the sociology of race and ethnic relations. First, we will examine how racial, ethnic, and national identities are constructed and enacted, from both micro-interactional and historical-comparative perspectives. Then, we will consider various approaches to conceptualizing, measuring and understanding racism, including the classical prejudice paradigm, group position theory, implicit prejudice, political economy, intersectionality, critical race theory, and (post?)colonial studies. Finally, we will assess the theory and practice of antiracism and decolonization, with an emphasis on issues of relevance to contemporary Canadian public discourse, including the future of multiculturalism and Indigenous-settler relations.


Unit(s): 3.0 Level(s): Graduate Term(s): Winter Offered?: Yes Language?: No

Enrolment is limited with priority given to students in the Department of Sociology. Permission of the instructor is required for non-Sociology graduate students. Non-Sociology students should attend the first day of the class. If academic background and space permits, a waiver form will be completed by the instructor which will permit non-Sociology students to register on Solar.