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Classical Sociological Theory

This seminar will introduce students to the classical sociological tradition. The class will focus on selected thinkers, themes, theories and/or theoretical perspectives related to classical sociological theory. In past years, the focus of the class has been on such classical sociological theorists as Marx, Weber, and Durkheim. The specific choice of readings, theories and theorists covered and the framing of the class will depend on the instructor.


Unit(s): 3.0 Level(s): Graduate Term(s): Offered?: No Language?: No

Enrolment is limited with priority given to students in the Department of Sociology. Permission of the instructor is required for non-Sociology graduate students. Non-Sociology students should attend the first day of the class. If academic background and space permits, a waiver form will be completed by the instructor which will permit non-Sociology students to register on Solar.